The Bem Brasil experience
Your step-by-step guide

From the moment you step through the door of your favourite Bem Brasil restaurant, you’re immersed in the authentic atmosphere and surrounded by the mouthwatering aroma of freshly barbecued meats on the traditional Brazilian grill.

Settle in

Join us at our Brazilian steakhouse in Manchester or Liverpool and our friendly team will find the perfect table and get you seated.

Quench your thirst

Once you’re settled in, choose from our extensive wine list or tempting cocktail menu to accompany your Rodizo meal – why not try the Brazilian national cocktail, the zesty Caipirinha? Or you could indulge in one of our carefully selected wines from all over the world.

Order Your Sides 

Order your sides from the extensive list with the vast array of salads, Brazilian stews, fresh vegetables and street food dishes.

Dishes will come fresh from the kitchen and are unlimited. 


Enjoy an abundance of succulent BBQ meat

You may have noticed a small disc on your table with one green side, and one red side. It’s time to flip that disc to green to let the knowledgeable Passadores (the name for our waiters, skilled at serving your meat) that you are ready to begin your Rodizio experience.

Simply grab your tongs and take fresh slices from any of the skewers of roasted beef, lamb, pork, chicken and sausages to enjoy the mouthwatering flavours from the traditional charcoal barbecue.


Our Passadores will keep bringing fresh skewers of succulent barbecued meat to your table until you tell them to stop, or you’d like to take a break – do this by flipping your disc back to red.

Want more? Get that disc back to green and enjoy yet more delicious cuts of meat, fresh from the barbecue.

Enjoy a sweet treat

No visit to Bem Brasil would be complete without a delectable dessert from our varied menu.

Choose from traditional Brazilian treats such as Mousse de Maracuja, Pudim de Leite or Guava cheesecake; just make sure you leave some room!

The finishing touch

Round your visit off with a reviving espresso or liqueur coffee, relax and savour the time with your friends and family and soak up the authentic, and unique atmosphere of a Bem Brasil restaurant.

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Welcome to Bem Brasil! Our restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool are a true celebration of authentic Brazilian cuisine, served in the unique ‘Churrascaria’ style.

A Churrascaria is a Brazilian steakhouse where the superior quality meat is carved at your table and served in abundance for one all-inclusive price, and that’s exactly what we deliver at our award-winning Bem Brasil restaurants.

Only the finest cuts of beef, pork and chicken are roasted on our traditional charcoal barbecues where the mouth-watering taste and succulent juices are locked in with delicious seasoning for you to enjoy.

Our knowledgeable Passadores (the Brazilian name for the waiters who serve you in our restaurants) carve the skewers of meat directly at your table, and they’ll return with fresh cuts of meat until you tell them to stop.

You can also make unlimited trips to the banquet-style buffet, continually stocked with authentic Brazilian dishes, salads and stews before rounding off your meal with a tempting dessert or liqueur coffee from our sweet menu!

We hope you’ll enjoy the unique dining experience and finest Brazilian cuisine, we can’t wait to see you at one of our restaurants soon.

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Brazil Uncovered

Here are some of our traditional
Portuguese names, explained!

Rodizio – the full Bem Brasil experience where fresh cuts of meat are carved at your table

Churrascaria – the Brazilian name for a steakhouse

Passadores – the name for the knowledgeable waiters who carve meat at your table

Olá – Portuguese for ‘Hello’!